NMEA Parser

by Damien Dennehy
a sailing boat on a lake

I’ve uploaded a NMEA Parser that I’ve been working on to GitHub at https://github.com/DamienDennehy/NMEAParser
It’s a very basic parser for now, but it is unit tested and works as expected.

Basic Usage

  1. Declare an instance of a BaseSentence object.
  2. Declare a new instance of the required parser.
  3. Use the parser to check if a string is a valid sentence or not.
  4. If the sentence is valid, set the BaseSentence object equal to the parsed string.
using NMEAParser.NMEA0183;
namespace ConsoleApplication1
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            string demo = "$GPRMC,132336.000,A,5152.4256,N, 00832.4759,W,2.02,45.86,170111,,*2F";
            BaseSentence sentence = null;
            GPRMCParser parser = new GPRMCParser();
            if (parser.IsSentence(demo))
                sentence = parser.ParseSentence(demo);
Damien Dennehy